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Pure-O Discussed in Prominent British Newspaper

This article published in The Guardian last summer represents an incredibly honest and courageous portrayal of Pure-O. The author has managed to put a spotlight on "the other OCD" which has received a noticeable lack of media attention. Many people with Pure-O are not aware that they are suffering from a diagnosable, and more importantly, treatable condition. Increased public awareness of this form of OCD will allow people who previously thought of themselves as sexually confused, in the wrong relationship, violent and so on, to recognize that they are suffering from Pure OCD and that they are not alone. It is impressive to read an article that delves into specific OCD themes (sexuality, pedophilia) that are often seen as taboo. Often times, the forbidden nature of these themes only adds to the torment experienced by someone suffering with OCD. It is important to recognize that a Thought is a Thought is a Thought. Unwanted thoughts related to violence, sexuality or a romantic relationship vary only in the importance that the OCD sufferer places on them through their actions.

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